Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tapestry Embroidered Christmas Tree Skirt

Mink. The most sensuous and luxurious of all the furs. Mmmm-mink! That's what sets this Christmas tree skirt apart. Well, mink with swirling embroidery, shimmering gold crystals, gold lamé and hand-quilting. It's for sale in my store.

Do you love traditional American decor? This beautiful luxury Christmas tree skirt is made of maroon taffeta, embroidered in gold, trimmed with beautiful soft "brown haze" coloured mink and accented with dozens and dozens of soft glimmering gold crystals.

I made this myself, starting off with beautiful gold tapestry embroidered fabric. It's maroon colored and satiny. I laid out a design to make the most of the beautiful swirling patterns in the embroidery and then dotting it with crystal after crystal, applied by hand all over the tree skirt. The crystals are a "soft yellow" that doesn't glare in the light. They sparkle softly, too.
I piped it in gold lamé, quilted it by hand and backed it with a soft neutral colored felt. Then I took it a step further and bound it at the edges with more gold lame.

The skirt is 60 inches from point to point. It is much more beautiful in person, but click on the photos twice to get a close up look at the handwork and crystals. I'm getting a little better at my photography, so you'll be able to tell a little better that this tree skirt will be the star of your holiday decor for many years to come. The last photo, if you click thru on it, shows the detail particularly well.

Happy Holidays!

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