Monday, August 6, 2012

Got 5 Hours? Have A New Top!

I took Sunday off from my regular work schedule.   It was heaven to wake up on my own schedule and not to chase off for someone else's purposes.  I wish I could say my alarm clock took the day off, too, but I regularly have three set to go off, every day of the week and one of them has been programmed to wake me at 5:20 every Saturday and every Sunday morning.  It's an older model and like a lot of us "older models," it's a bit set in its ways.  In spite of reprogramming, it went off at 5:20am anyway.  Ugh.

I went to church, came home, made a wild variation of chirashi sushi with brown rice, wild rice, red rice and... quinoa?  And then I made this:

Sorry the photo didn't come up well, but let me point out, this was an hour into this project.  It took me only 4.5 hours to make the entire thing, start to finish, including hand-sewing the sleeves and bottom hem.  I added a little belt to give it a high waist and wore it with a silver "bib" necklace and a pair of khakis for a cool summer outfit.

Having purchased the fabric (1 1/4 yards?) for about $20 total, I am feeling pretty good about the way I used my Sunday evening.  It was actually, dare I say, RESTFUL.  

I wore it to work on Monday:

If you want to try this, too, it's Butterick Pattern #5610.  Does NOT require extensive fabric, notions, time or skills.  You could still make this for the summer and have lots of time left for fun.

PS: First photograph: Yes, those are my toes.  WHO ELSE'S WOULD THEY BE?