Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Down to Work

This was what my living room looked like a few weeks back.

These are furs. Vintage furs. Many of them are very old. Some of them are very beautiful. Others are just interesting and odd. I bought this interesting collection of furs, from various sources to use them in my crafts.

This particular day, I had them all spread out, with fabric on the side, to engage the assistance of a neighbor-friend in pairing each fur with 1-2 fabrics. I don't claim to be a great designer or the source of all great ideas. Her help and insight was invaluable.

But they were a beautiful sight, don't you think? And it's interesting to me that the ones I thought were the most beautiful at first, weren't the ones I ultimately fell in love with. (I'm going to have a hard time cutting up that red mink jacket, frame right) The ones that I thought would be the most useful at the beginning aren't the ones I am finding the most helpful in my efforts.

It's interesting to see how things evolve and change when you're open to it.