Monday, September 5, 2011

Final Touches

I'm putting final touches on some things I'm going to sell on

Here's one of my favorites...

I'm sure you can see why. It looks like a giant snowflake, doesn't it? Even more so, with the final touches. And snowflakes? They're so beautiful, delicate and perfect for a Christmas tree skirt.

Then there's this one: quilted indigo silk velvet.

Wow. It's so incredibly soft and luxurious in person. Could there be anything prettier? Oh right. Quilted indigo silk velvet with silver lame and trimmed in white fluffy stuff. I actually want to wrap up in this one or maybe recut the whole shebang into a pillow.

I've also got this one.

It's going to get a good bit prettier (a few "final touches" left to add) and yes, a big gold bow, too.

So... this is how I spent my spare time this summer. Each of these were each individually designed, unique and individual, cut specifically to make the most of the fabric and other design elements. Each was made, by hand, painstakingly put together for the maximum decorative impact and holiday "feel." I'm hoping they'll become heirlooms for the buyers; proud parts of their annual holiday traditions. So they are definitely BUILT TO LAST.

I'm going to post each of these on and then post the link here. And we'll see how that goes, I guess.

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